Designing furniture and interior concepts. Thiemo was born in Essen(Germany) and moved to the Netherlands to study at the Design Academy Eindhoven where he graduated from the department Man & Living. In 2010 he went to Buenos Aires to do an intern ship at studio ”la feliz” with Patricio Lix Klett and Celeste Bernadini which expanded his international view on Design and gave it a new impulse. During his time spent in Eindhoven he worked as a constant member in the Atelier-Collective Atelierdorp. Currently he is working on different projects in Germany. Besides finding problems and its solutions Thiemo is interested in architecture and especially spaces that are neither directly visible nor palpable. He´s looking for the missing link that makes things work.

”Sometimes a subtle addition creates a beautiful new connection and with it new perspectives on how we approach our surroundings.”

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